About Us

About Us

WGS Investment Club was established in year 2001. Named after World Group Solutions LLC.

Machine Learning and High Frequency Trading (HFT) are where the industry are heading today. Traditional investments is fading gradually for various reasons and above all human emotions are somethings which can’t be overruled in any traditional investment techniques which leads to human errors.

We serve individuals with Software As Service (SaS) which helps them to grow their wealth over time.  With performance and precision based investment techniques.  Which is beyond human brains capability and speed. 

There are 2 components of the Software As Service (SaS). And these two products sits on individual investors pipeline and simply follow the predefined rules which investors wants to accomplish.  The goals could be long term increase in Net Worth or something like making residual income and consider that as second source of income. As we all know money sitting in banks do not generate any wealth in USA. It’s FDA secured for events of unforeseen circumstances which hardly comes in one’s life time.  Bottom line money sitting ideal. 

About Us

The combination of these two software sitting on top of their account would help the investor with the following :

a. The software scans the entire US stock exchange to look out for opportunities called “breakouts”. Breakouts happen every day be it bull or bear market condition. When settlements happen everyday it leads to velocity of money. 

b. Velocity of Money (VoM) bring addition returns. Example : If one invested 100K and 10% of it rotates daily due to breakouts. Then technically the investor is rotating 10K everyday. So in a month of 20 trading days the funds are rotated for 10×20=200 plus 90K = 290K. Which is 2.9 times more than the original investment. That’s the advantage of velocity of money.