About Us

About Us

WGS Investment Club was established in year 2001. Named after World Group Solutions LLC.

Machine Learning and High Frequency Trading (HFT) are where the industry are heading today. Traditional investments is fading gradually for various reasons and above all human emotions are somethings which can’t be overruled in any traditional investment techniques which leads to human errors.

We serve individuals and institutions with Software As Service (SaS) which helps them to grow their wealth over time.  With performance and precision based investment techniques combined with best practices. 

About Us

There are 2 components of the Software As Service (SaS). 

Predictive Model which identifies breakouts daily from US Stock Market. Breakouts happens everyday. The number of breakouts depends on the market conditions. The model essentially identifies them ahead of time and projects the spike ahead of time. The spikes happens the same day or within days but the success story reflects on our Performance Tab. 

Order Execution Algorithm takes away the human emotions which are involved usually with trading. Precision based trading generates consistent results. The machine learning intelligence is designed to grab the best possible fill for a trade. Which one can see on Performance Tab where the Returns from every investment (i) Goes North and (ii) The ROI% varies. That’s all due to machine learning capabilities which not only generates consistency but at the same time saves errors caused from human emotions. 

Difference between Traditional Trading and Our Strategy

In Traditional : Asset Under Management (Original Investment) is what matters the most. Expert opinions are provided to investors to allocate the funds into different buckets like Equity, ETF, Bonds etc. Which depends on the investors desire of gain vs. risk. But the allocation of funds are one time exercise where an adviser devotes 1-2 hours for that account in a year. The same combination of research contents are reused for all investors with a mix of variation depending on investors appetite. 

Our Strategy: Research on potential breakouts happens daily. Funds are rotated often as settlements happen. Which means money is constantly put to work. This leads to rotation of money. Typically an investor rotate funds 30 to 60 times in a year depending on market’s bull or bear condition. So the equivalent investment is 30 to 60 folds more as compared to traditional investment. On top of it with every breakout generating profits one can easily see the impact of exponential ROI from our performance tab.