All Subscriptions

All subscriptions are based on the offering as we process data, deploy machine learning intelligence and govern best practices around it. Investors will have to carefully read through all offerings and decide which one suits their need.

To generate high returns from investment there are several checks and balances which needs perfection. skills and the support of technology/automation to accomplish the same. Every refinement leads to improved ROI and needs a process.

The service offering is completely “Process Driven“. And the subscription fee varies due to addition process, technology and man hours needed for every process. A journey towards outstanding ROI needs years of research, perfection and enhanced processes.

But in every components of our offerings investor will have complete control and decision behind the strategy which might need investors daily attention or one time configuration. But investor will drive their own investment decisions and we will support the same with our offerings as “Software As Service“.

But our perfection on processing data and use of machine learning intelligence along with high frequency trading is a reflection of ROI performance.

The offerings are named after gem stones for easy reference purposes. The pricing are ONLY for Individuals and NOT institutions.