Other Investment Options vs Interactive Broker – Using Our Software As Service

Bank And Other Options

Interactive Broker

a. Money is secured in Saving and Checking account but DOES NOT grow. 

a. Money will be in YOUR own Interactive Brokers account. Where our software as service will grow your money gradually. 

b. What to expect ?

With our Software as Service backed with research investors will be able to configure the software which has advanced features which other broker’s platform do not provide. Secondly we will provide breakout information to investors who can leverage from that and decide what to invest, how much to invest, how much risk to take etc. Its a huge booster for any investor to get that information ahead of time.  It’s 100% investor driven. 

c. Our breakout information which one would get to see in excel sheets on our Performance tab generally bring 0.45% returns from every recommendations. Which settles within 6 days on an average , shown as duration in excel sheet. 

d. Such high rotation of funds settling daily with a velocity of 6 days average and over 40% settling within the same day with 0.45% ROI per settlement on average  COMPOUNDS to very high Return on Investment (ROI). And one would notice there are NO CAPITAL LOSS because in our strategy there are no stop losses. And every investments are controlled to around 4K. 

e. What to expect when the market crash like the one happened in Year 2008 ?

It’s goes back to the strategy where investors would have to see how many companies share price went down to ZERO in 2008 crash. The same hold here where the risk of capital loss will only happen when the stock price goes down to zero. The strategy prefers to wait till recovery happens rather than allowing capital loss. So under normal correction one waits for 2-3 weeks, major sell off one waits for 1- 2 months and under major crash one waits for 4 to 6 months or more…

Here waits means no investments and wait for all the floats to come back to normal tolerance factor. Usually the algorithm is preset to 10% tolerance but again depends on investors appetite. The algorithm maintains a balance of risk vs. net worth and relative growth of net profit. If all conditions satisfies then only new investments will happen. 

f. The measure of risk vs returns.

In this strategy the software will rotate investors funds in multiple folds due to same day settlement and leverage. At the same time each investment is controlled to threshold of 4k. Typically investors would rotate there funds 50 to 70 folds in a year from breakout information. Taking a worst scenario in a crash 3 stock went down to zero out of 1000’s invested. How much an investor will loose : only 12K. But taking 70 folds of 100K as an investment (example) and investor would make 100000(Invt.)*70(folds)*4(leverage) = 2800000 / 4K (per invt.) = 7000 trades * 0.45%(ROI per invt.) *4000(threshold) = 126,000 (Profit). So investors profits 126K and loose 12K only if 3 stocks goes down to zero during a crash.

In reality no blue chip stocks (over 1B Market Capital) went down to zero during 2008 crash. All came up gradually in 8 to 12 months time. So in this strategy one would lose 8 to 12 months but still walk away with no capital loss. 

On a flip side money sits on a bank account for many people for 12 months without generating any return. 

Hybrid Approach to Invest

Investment is all about making money work to generate returns. Traditional investor’s patterns are very focused be it on real estate or on stock market.

The reason for being focused is very justifiable as it needs years of skills, experience, time and material to master and get to a comfort zone of investment strategy be it real estate or stock market.

But on the flip side one gets caught in between situations which is completely out of any investor’s control. Which leads to capital blockage or money not working to generate returns. To give some example:

In Real Estate: Season plays a very important role. Dependency on contractors, banks for funding, government permissions, finding the right buyers or right tenants at a right price all leads to waste of time trickling down to capital blockage.

In Stock Market: Bear market conditions due to corrections, geo political reasons or major sell off leads to capital blockage. In our strategy we do not have capital loss. But the good part being it’s not seasonal. Stocks can be liquidated for cash at a press of a button to have cash available anytime. Anyone maintaining Net Worth over 100% can walk away with cash anytime with no loss.

Hybrid Approach

As an investor one would look at making money work EVERYDAY if possible. Passion is ignored in this assumption.

Investor’s limitation boils down to skill set and knowledge. And it’s valid for both real estate and stock market investment.

But in our suggested hybrid approach of investment if one can make money constantly is the IDEAL situation. Which means if investors can minimize capital blockage happening from either real estate or stock market would automatically generate velocity of money (VoM).

So having an open mindset of investment is the key here.

Velocity of Money (VoM)


What is meant by velocity of money?

It can refer to the income velocity of money, which is the frequency at which the average same unit of currency is used to purchase newly domestically-produced goods and services within a given time period. In other words, it is the number of times one unit of money is spent to buy goods and services per unit of time.

How do you calculate the velocity of money?

The equation for GDP is: GDP = Money Supply x Velocity of Money. To solve for velocity in our example, we rearrange the equation to get Velocity = GDP / Money Supply, or ($2,400 / $100). Velocity of money in our two person economy is 24.

What affects the velocity of money?

The equation simply states that money growth causes inflation. … Money velocity increases only when the people spend or invest it. Therefore, any factors that cause people to hold money will decrease the velocity of money, while factors that increase spending or investment will increase the velocity of money.

What is meant by money growth?

Money supply is the entire stock of currency and other liquid instruments circulating in a country’s economy as of a particular time.

WGS Interpretation of VoM in Stock Market

Rotation of Fund

Rotation of Funds and continuing investing generates velocity of money in stock market investment based on our methodology. 

Being able to circulate the money constantly makes a huge impact on ROI. Usually money circulates much faster on a bull market as compared to bear market. Hence the Velocity of Money (VoM) is key of ROI without the need t invest new funds. 

What to Circulate ?

Machine learning is key based on what we do to identify breakouts resulting into constant circulation of money. Markets bull or bear do generate opportunities daily. The number of opportunities to invest depends on bull or bear conditions. But opportunities are always there and is not seasonal. 

Why algo trading dominates tradition trading ?

The use of technology such as machine learning is lot better than traditional investment. One of the main reasons why institutions all over the world are investing in millions on research and machine learning techniques along with High Frequency Trading (HFT). In traditional investment one cannot over come human emotions.