All investor gets everything what’s available in Emerald, in addition the following are provided.

Researched based quantitative machine learning intelligence which had been researched over 12 years to identify breakouts. One may look at the Presentation to see what Breakout means.

Breakouts generates Velocity which again generates Return On Investment. 

Example : You have invested say $1000 and you are rotating from settlements 30% of your $1000 daily. So how much have your rotated from your 30% daily in 20 trading days = 300 x 20 = $6000. Effectively you have invested $1000 but you traded for $6000 just from your 30%. Rest 50% rotates within one month and remaining 30% within 3 to 6 months.

If every settlement (buy and sell) gives one profit mathematically one is bound to generate profit. One can only have capital loss only if the stock price goes to zero. How many blue chip stocks over 1 Billion market capital went down to zero? That’s the risk we take on our strategy.

Further detail can’t be provided as it’s our IP.

Here again investor will get to see on their private cloud document which stocks are been planned to invest based on breakout preference and strength (our internal) code. That would be reflecting as a sort criteria. Investor has every option to delete that record or make changes to that depending on his/her own decision. It’s 100% transparent and changeable. But has to be done prior to next days trading hour.

With the combination of offering in Emerald and here in Diamond an investor has full control of all investment decisions. We just serve the investor for our Software As Service.

Disclaimer : Investment can be risk and all investors would be responsible for any changes and losses resulting from it. We have no control on what investor decides and does in the cloud document provided.





Flat Fee Basis : Based on transaction (Buy and Sell) 

Other Fee for Hardware, Cloud Servers, RAM etc : $20 a month till algorithm is in use. 

Payment Terms : Invoiced by 2nd for previous months transaction payable by 10th of every month.

Disclaimer : For payment defaulters all algorithm will stop and investor will be responsible for consequences thereafter. 

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