World Group Solutions is purely into research and Software As Service. Machine learning capabilities built over years with mathematical models capable to identify breakouts from stocks daily.  

The service comes with two components which are directly and indirectly deployed onto investors account through external API. 

Disclaimer for All Investors : Investment can be risky if not traded carefully. One may lose the principal amount also if not traded carefully. Every investor joining the club would be responsible for losses if it happens and will NOT hold anyone liable for losses other than themselves. The same for profit where the investor would be responsible to pay their own taxes for the profits. Investor would be responsible to pay the service fees on time to avoid any service interruption. 

Research Content : The predictive model pulls data daily from 3rd party sources like Google, Yahoo and few more. There is no guarantee on 100% accuracy of data. 

Qualified Breakouts : Investors should be aware that the mathematical models reads various data points to project future breakouts. Data dependency for machine learning is an important component. Quality checks are performed within software to mitigate such risks. 

WGS Investment Club is not a Financial Adviser : The research content is purely based on the data collected from various sources and further analysis which gets done through predictive models. Our IP is purely for breakout information with projections of price movements. These do not come under financial advisory role. At the same time we will NOT disclose our IP to any financial adviser as to how we qualify a breakout information. 

One may consult with their financial adviser if that’s an issue prior to registration and using our services with machine learning and software managed operations including high frequency trading. 


Gain and Risk Absorbed By Investor : The element of gain or risk are always with the investor. Investors appetite of risk are built in within the software which takes it from there and maintains it. But at the same time the risk of market crash can lead to situations without control. Mitigation are there to prevent such situations but at the same time there is no guarantee for such unforeseen situations. Investor will have to take that element of risk at all times. 

Our Service Protection: We build relationship with our clients providing services and try to win clients confidence with our work and performance. But at the same time we need to protect ourselves from situations which we never faced before. Such continued new protections would be in our service agreement and maybe applied to our clients as an amendment on a case to case basis.