Product Offering : Investor decides what to trade and the software with preset condition decided by investor drives the trading activity.

Ideal for investors who are into trading but has no time to trade on their own. But has all the skills needed to qualify a stock to trade to generate returns from investment with velocity and breakouts for which we specialize.

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Here an investor makes daily decision on the following 

(i) Date To Trade  (ii) What to Trade (Symbol) (iii) Amount to Invest ( Number of Shares) (iv) Risk to Take ( Stop Loss) (v) Current Price (vi) % of Stop Loss (Calculated) (v) Sort ( Preference to Trade at the time of execution) 

All these components are investor driven information which feeds the software for the trading day specified. But must the available before the next trading day starts (9:30AM EST). 

A document will be available in cloud as shown in the picture which will be dedicated to the investor which needs to be filled up on time. Failing to which investment for next day’s trading will NOT happen. 


One can click on image to open it in a new window for better viewing. Witness the IMPACT of this technique in Performance Tab for Past Performance from Our Recommendation. Download the excel sheet. 

These 2 images are to explain investors the configuration one would do on a High Frequency Platform. These are ONE time set up if the investors know what exactly he/she wants. This needs experience to set the right parameters. 

As these numbers specified if done correctly would generate Velocity of Money which is nothing but more Return on Investments (ROI)

Our Software As Service would execute the trades an investor wants exactly based on the parameters defined and maintained on these 3 images. 

Note : Any changes to the configuration would need extra effort to re-code. 


Flat Fee Basis : Based on transaction (Buy and Sell) 

Other Fee for Hardware, Cloud Servers, RAM etc : $20 a month till algorithm is in use. 

Payment Terms : Invoiced by 2nd for previous months transaction payable by 10th of every month.

Disclaimer : For payment defaulters all algorithm will stop and investor will be responsible for consequences thereafter. 

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