Newsletter are for people who wants to join the club. Where they get to see the breakouts qualified for NEXT TRADING DAY. One can compare them with simulated trading as shown on our Performance tab to see how the breakout performed supported with Broker’s Statement provided as a link.
Please bear in mind there is no guarantee that the breakout qualified would be invested the next day as our home grown order engine built in with market intelligence will make the final last minute call. As said its all precision based with no human emotions.
Please opt in for newsletter and witness the capability, consistency and outcome for all the breakouts we generate as predicted from our machine learning intelligence. The PROOF are on simulation with daily brokers statement provided.

Note : Once applied for Newsletter, please give 24 hours to give you access. Check your email (including spam folder). User Id and Password will be provided on your email. Make changes if required after you login to the portal. Use the link provided inside your portal (top left corner for website) to go back to website. Hoover your mouse on Newsletter tab to see the breakout information. Newsletter available for 7 days.