Simulated Trading

We started simulated trading from 21st Dec 2017. Upon request from institutions. Simulated trading as exactly identical to actual trading. Everything is real other than money. The original investment of simulated trading is $1.98M. Different portfolio amount would experience slight different ROI% due to breakout utilization and circulation of money.

A demonstration of Research, Strategy, Software As Service and Best Practice Bundled together. 

Link to Simulated Trading. One can click on to this link everyday to see the progress. 

99.9% institutions go live from here. 

Points to Note which demonstrates Real Time Trading would be an opportunity everyday as on Simulation. 


A. Col P : Daily Profits After IB Commission. The link to IB Statement under Trade log (Col AY) confirms that the Realized Gains are after Commission. There would be profits almost Daily from previous floats and daily breakouts.

B. Col AF & AG would show the average return Daily. Which reflects in this research be it bull or bear market money will grow Daily. Compare it with Col T where you would notice S&P 500 changes. 

C. Daily Profit moves to bank (Col AD) securing Returns to Investors ( The amount there do not include Fees). A clear evidence of money makes money. So this research do not relay on Profits made as it has enough funds to circulate everyday.

D. The most important point is the money to reinvest never dries up. Unlike in Traditional investment. Here we are circulating money everyday from daily settlements. Col X, Col AW and AX will demonstrate that. 

E. Risk maintained below 11.91% at all times (Col W ) . As an example : If you take the average of Daily Return Col AF / Col AG = 0.37 / 3 = 0.12%. Means after 300 days ( 1 year)of trading = 37% After 900 days (3 yrs) = 108% After 1500 days (5 yrs ) = 180%. But the risk will still be maintained under 11.91%. As the Available Fund Col AS goes up to 80 to 90% level the Average Daily Return % will also go up. You will notice it over time. Expected Range would be 0.16% plus. The goal of this research is to “double investment in 2 years“. 

F. Velocity of Funds Rotation Col AV – Reflects how many times the original investments of $1.98 Million are rotated. As days progress you will notice the impact. 

G. Cumulative Net Profit Col AB which is EQUAL to Col AH taken out to keep the returns secured for investors. That’s where we can guarantee returns. It’s a best practice to follow to transfer funds (Realized Gains) from Brokers account to Bank Account. That’s where the actual investment is growing and secured. Original investment is used only for money circulation and maintaining risk around 10%. 

H. Risk and Net Worth (After Cash Withdrawal ) are balanced as shown in Col W and Col AJ. 

I. Available Cash is circulated and used to trade often to leverage from Breakouts and generate Velocity. As said the key of this research are Breakout and Velocity. Col Al and Col AV would reflect that. Along with Col Q and Col R would reflect the same. 

J. Col AL to AV is used for next days planning. Number of breakouts for next day are used to reinvest with available funds. One would notice the number of breakouts would depend on market conditions. 

Back Testing

The back testing is maintained from 1st Jan 2017. 

One would notice back tested results and simulated trading results are almost identical. 

We will discontinue back testing after 20th Dec 2017 as simulated trading would meet that purpose. 

Click Here to Download the file

It’s a consolidated view of ALL the breakouts from 1st Jan 2017 which will run till 21st Dec 2017. Thereafter one can refer to simulated trading with Brokers Daily Statement.