Q&A are categorized based on the conversation and investors need from different walks of life. At regular intervals we try and update the same to help investors understand the service, value and offering.


Question : What is Software As Service and why need it ?

Answer : Here there are no human emotions. 100% processes are machine learning intelligence which are precision based. Which means consistency for ALL. Hence Software As Service supports all investors with breakouts which are expected from the market ahead of time. Here there are no humans making any decisions. It’s all based on 100’s of parameters being qualified before it’s been recommended for an expected breakout. It’s purely data driven. It’s way beyond human intelligence and capabilities. Witness the same on our Presentation tab.

Question : How can one relay on such breakout for investment decisions ?

Answer : Past performance back tested and Present Simulation with Daily Broker’s Statement as shown on our Performance tab will tell the story. One can observe them before getting confidence from these breakouts which we get from machine learning intelligence everyday be it bull or bear market. Our strategy is only Long positions. Means each breakouts are expected to go North and exit out with Profits. One can validate the same from our Performance tab. 

Question : As an investor do I have to provide Discretionary rights to the software for the Breakouts which gets invested?

Answer : YES, as said here there are no humans involved. It’s 100% machine learning intelligence. It’s precision based means highly depended on data which we import from various sources and process it daily. 

Secondly we do not manage your AUM as it’s not Advisory role. We are purely software company where our software sits behind your account (Interactive Broker only) and does the trading based on the configuration investors provide during set up.  Such as (i) Original Investment (nothing to do with AUM), (ii) Float Tolerance. That’s all the software needs. Rest the software will rotate your original investment anywhere between 40 to 60 times in a year, depending on market. Every breakout making profits (as seen on simulation) and the rotation builds up exponential ROI. 

Question : How does this serve help me as an investor ?

Answer : Well first of all you are using Software As Service which takes away all your efforts be it skills needed, man-hours needed. It’s a simple one time configuration which you provide and the software mains that till the configurations are changed. That’s a HUGE plus for any investor. 

Secondly, money do not grow if it’s not put to work everyday. That’s what you will do with the software where money is kept to rotation all the time. And every settlement leads to profits. 100 times better then money sitting ideal in bank accounts or with institutions who do not put your money to work everyday. Remember on a bear market your money is ideal (means does not grow) be it in bank or under any AUM traditional concept. 

Question : What leads to such high Return on Investments (ROI) ?

Answer : There are mainly two components. Which is completely different from Traditional investment. 

(i) All successful breakouts leads to Profits. Which adds up to Net Worth. 

(ii) Velocity of Trades where money is reinvested again and again. On our Simulation one can see how many times the original investment gets reinvested. 

So it’s obvious with all successful trades plus money reinvested again and again which keeps money at work is the recipe of such high ROI.