Retirement age is a time of uncertainty especially when it comes to any of the following:

  1. Poor Return On Investment (ROI)
  2. Increased Taxes
  3. Unexpected medical expenses
  4. Reduction of Social Security benefits

Any changes happening in years to come which is hard to predict will directly impact one’s retirement life style instantly.

Assuming before retirement one has no debts and does not have to worry about mortgages but needs the bear minimum expenses to maintain normal life style.

It’s a difficult number to predict but assuming one might need $5,000 a month to maintain a normal living at minimum what options would he/she have to generate $5K without touching the principal saving. The principal saving could go to next generation or for something which are completely unforeseen.

Based on our performance even if we take a conservative approach and generate 1.5% Average ROI a month. How much an investor would need to invest to generate such returns?


It could be a gradual increase in portfolio to get to $350K. But by the time one retires and would live on returns from investment these are the numbers one should target for.

These are hard to digest but it’s a fact if one retires at the age of 65 and lives a normal healthy life till the age 85, we are looking at 20 years of retirement age. In these 20 years one can expect changes which will bring up the inflation where even 5K a month as return might not be enough.

So it’s a serious issue which one should not ignore and our “software as services” could help you reach such goals. So get started ASAP and gradually walk towards your target retirement life income from returns effective now.