Machine Learning and High Frequency Trading (HFT) getting popular these days for many reasons:

A. No human intervention where emotions are kept aside. Which eliminates human errors. 

B. Precision based decision making.

C. Capable to react within milli-seconds.

D. Saves huge man power costs.

E. Minimum observation required.


Lot of research and IT development efforts are needed to get to perfection. Constant optimization are needed to keep up with market constant changes. 

There are no physical software which gets installed on an investors computer. The software sits behind investors account and executes it from a cloud based server with pre-set parameters the investors decide. And with the options to change the parameters based on investors appetite of “gain vs. risk, velocity optimization and many more“.

On the front end execution we have chosen “Interactive Broker” for few reasons :

A. Low commission. Resulting into higher ROI as compared to other brokers.

B. Interactive Broker’s API to run the Order Engine.