World Group Solutions is purely into research and Software As A Service(SaaS). Machine learning capabilities built over years with mathematical models capable to identify breakouts from stocks ( from the list investor provides which could be research based or static list) during trading hours and daily predictive model breakouts which could be used by our clients for informational purposes only. This is to facilatitate our clients with time and skills needed to identify opportunity. And our Order Execution Engine which works with Interactive Broker as a Custodian using their API Gateway to integrate 3rd Party Artificial Intelligence. 

Please click the link below to review our Standard Terms and Conditions as a part of our Disclaimer. We DO NOT play any advisory role. We are purely into IT and Research providing our services to our clients. All clients using our service would be accountable for their own Profit or Loss resulting from Stock Market. Wrong investments in Stocks could lead to Principal loss. We do not have any control on investors list neither do we monitor it. Our role is to bring in technology-enabled tools for our clients to execute trades using automation without human intervention or emotions. Our service offering are purely FIXED MONTHLY FEE BASED depending on what our client’s needs are.
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