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Returns could depend on the following (i) Portfolio Size or Initial Investment (ii) Strategy – Long Term | Swing | Intraday (iii) Risk Tolerance (iv) Leverage (v) Strategy to Enter and Exit the market. Hence there is no straight forward answer on what could be the expected ROI. Market forces, too, would impact the returns. On a ballpark, these configurations with various permutation and combinations would range between 3% to 125% plus a year. Example: An investor investing $10K and conservative could be in the ROI range of 3% to 8% a year. An investor investing 500K and moderate risk taker could in ROI range of 30 to 60% a year. No definite and straight forward answer as there are so many variables. High-Risk takers could make an extraordinary profit or even take losses.
With the Interactive Brokers trading platform, one can try a simulation with real market data. Means money is not real, but rest all are. It highly recommended all investors MUST preset the configuration and run it for few days before shifting to real money account. That would give identical results with Real money too later on. We do provide free consultancy to understand investment appetite and goals, help configure the algorithm based on their need. We would also fine-tune if needed to optimize returns. As said earlier, the good news, once set, the algorithm will run daily without any human emotions. In traditional investment, human emotions lead to losses.

No skills and time involvement are required once configurations are finalized. Depending on investors risk to gain appetite configuration has to be fine tuned for once. We support this effort after talking to the investor.  

Time involvement will be 2 to 5 minutes a day for an investor to log in. We provide a virtual machine through Amazon. After 9 am EST on a trading day, one can log in and start the Order Engine. Details will be provided later. Hence anyone can use our software as it needs no skills or time.
The monthly subscription amount will range from $50 to $330 per month, depending on investor’s needs. The contract period would be monthly.
In quant trading money will never sit idle. For example: If the investor selects pooled interval to be 60 seconds. The algorithm will milk profits or look for opportunities to invest every 60-Seconds. Which no human can do. And hence the returns are usually much better and consistent.
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