Risk to Gain Driven Model

In Quant Trading everything is based on precision. In other word every configuration and it’s changes impacts Risk and or Returns. Metigating Risk vs. Gains could be managed by some of the components mentioned below:

  1. Hedge between Sectors and focus only on Blue Chip stocks to Trade.
  2. By controlled investment per stock. This metigates Risk to a large extent.
  3. By hedging daily between Long and Short depending on market’s volatility.
  4. Enter into investment after measuring Market and Individual Stocks performance. Me measure every 60-Seconds using our Order Execution Engine.
  5. Use Artificial Intelligence to Milk out Profits. Where emotions do not play any role.
  6. Ensure money never sits idle. A new investment happen if all conditions provided in configuration satisfy.
risk driven

If all mentioned above are configured with a strategy would lead to targeted expectation. ROI depends on many factors which can be  (i) Investment Amount (ii) Portfolio Risk (iii) Fund and Cash Utilization (iv) Trade execution strategy (v) List and Number of Stocks to Trade to look for Opportunities ( Research Based or Static List) (vi) Intelligence to exit from Trade without emotions.

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