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Quant Trading Technique – Learn the skill and use technology – Will take you way beyond Retirement – Passive Income and Even More….

Learn skill for once, practice to perfection to generate Passive Income which will take you way beyond retirement. 

Introduction to why such skills are important and how it can help any individual. 

Today technology is changing. Now with the help of technology available to us, one could grow their wealth like the way we set up cruise control on our cars.
Quant Trading has made all these possible. What it means is purely a precision-based technique. Using the Quant Trading technique, one can tighten the algorithm to get to a certain range of Return or loosen the algorithm to take extra risk for extra Returns. But everything remains consistent as there are NO HUMANS OR EMOTIONS.

Today just having a broker with zero commission, having good data analytical capabilities, or providing apps is not good enough. A broker who lets you execute smart and intelligent trades with AI is the winner. 

The combination of Traders Work Station (TWS) from Interactive Broker and Order Execution Engine (SaaS) makes the trade execution unique and one of the most powerful engines in the world today with AI capabilities. Using Interactive Broker as custodian would be a simple plugin with no upfront cost. Other brokers who provide API integration can also have such smart Order Engine but upfront IT cost will be significant. But can’t be guaranteed without seeing their API capabilities. 

One can witness it running live by CLICKING the link here. That’s with REAL money with Long Term Strategy. 

We provide you Amazon Virtual Machine (EC2) and our Software to try it FREE for ONE MONTH. We let you run your own configuration. Support you when ever needed which comes within our subscription plan.  

Monthly Subscription Price Per Account for SaaS Range: $49.99 to $ 329.99. Covers cost of Virtual Machine from Amazon. 

Depends on : (i) Features (ii) Number of Stocks (Research or Static) (iii) Pooling Interval. And these will impact the capacity needed for virtual machine.

Some clients configure and locks within 1 month some takes 3 months. Depends upon level of satisfaction.  


  1. Order Engine comes with a blank box. Where all parameters has to be filled up starting from Account Number. 
  2. Our features list and it’s explanations would be a jump start of what any investor wants. 
  3. Different strategies can be built around with numbers and configurations. 
  4. There will be 15 features which needs to be configured and  could be done with various permutations and combinations.  Which will drive the Return vs Risk to be taken. 
  5. Our ongoing support and recommendation will always be there to set up your investment goals.

What makes the Product Unique?

There are 15 new features  (starts with 11 features) which integrates with TWS to boost the power of Order Execution. Where once configured it runs on it’s own without any humans. These features are enabled or disabled depending on need. 

CLICK HERE to see the features. 

What makes it Unique?

To highlight a few. 

The capabilities now extends to (i) Fund Management (ii) Cash Management (Real Time) (iii) Risk Management (Real Time) (iv) Real Time Market Watch (v) Real Time Individual Stock Watch.

Who can use and why?

Any Individuals

  1. Configure once and run daily. Humans emotions and stress are completely eliminated. 
  2. Any strategy with Equity Long and Short can be configured. Be it Long, Swing or Intraday. 
  3. Ideal for Individuals in jobs or business wanting to generate Passive Income. 
  4. Ideal for Day Traders who wants to eliminate stress and emotions while trading. 

Any Advisors 

  1. Manage multiple clients accounts based on every clients need. 
  2. Configure once and run everyday. 
  3. Ideal to scale business with AUM.
  4. Manage Pooled Vehicles with different strategies based on client investment classifications. 

Hedge Fund 

  1. Build multiple strategies. 

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