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  1. Configure once and let it run everyday.
  2. No human or human emotions involved.
  3. Configure any type of strategy for Equity Long and Short.
  4. Configure with any exchange in the world.
  5. Manage multiple configurations (strategies)
  6. Supported with email notification for every pooling interval.
  7. Manage Fund and Cash Management.
  8. Risk Management – At Portfolio Level | Stock Level.
  9. Milk out profits with Artificial Intelligence capabilities.
  10. And many more…
  1. Our in-house predictive model has the capability to scan any exchange around the world. But we focused on US Stock Exchange.
  2. We have backtested last 20 years which would reflect
    on our Performance tab. We use the same for our Daily Research for investment even today.
  3. We find our ratio to win:loss is very impressive. But we do not enforce our opinion. We encourage all viewers to check out do deep dive into reports published.
  4. What goes behind our Predictive Model ? More than 10,000 lines of code to qualify ONE SINGLE stock.
    Which covers:
  1. Fundamental Data and Analysis
  2. Technical Data and Analysis
  3. Price Pattern Formation
  4.  Many AI Data feeds
  1. Market Analysis capable to plot any exchange. We plot with SPY as a
  2. Making last minute decision for Market trend prior to investment.
  3. Evaluating last minute decisions for individual stocks to qualify
    investment decisions.

Reviews & Ratings

Review Content

I am using Interactive Brokers TWS platform for many years now. With WGS’s new Order Engine, Intraday Trading has become very powerful. I am enjoying it.

WGS Order Engine is good for Equity with good features. Wish they had something for Option too.
Harry Johnson

Its a good software for Day Traders. Specially for Equity Long and Short. I am liking it.

I had been using this software for a while. I took a one month trial and still continuing.
R Jones

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