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Get the Right Skill

Sharpen Your Skills and Use it when needed.

Skill to cherish for now and forever.

Having the right ADDITIONAL skill would help you :

  1. Overcome the fear or losing job or going out of business. 
  2. Something which you can take you way beyond retirement. 
What will it take to enhance your skill and get to perfection for Passive Income?

1 to 4 months of Training.

$350 to $1,500 Training Cost. Depends on subscription model for configuration and how quickly you learn and get ready. One month FREE from our end for which ever configuration you choose. 

  1. Going through all the YouTube (shown below) and make note and applying them to build your own mathematical model. 
  2. Continue practicing till perfection. Might take 1 month to 4 months in simulation. Depending on your background. Anyone can do with our guidance. Budget in between $350 to $1500 to master the skill. ONE MONTH FREE from our end. Any training will cost money. 
  3.  Then once ready apply your skills now or later to generate PASSIVE INCOME. Why Passive ? Thereafter no humans are needed. Machine will do all for you. 
  4. Your effort with investment to get trained with time and money will pay off in multiple folds. 

All YouTube mentioned below are INTERCONNECTED. Please make notes and come back to the You Tubes seen before to correlate. Within no time you will master the skill. Ask questions if you need help. Please email your questions and I will help you: sujoy.bardhan@gmail.com

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