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Subscription for All Type of Investors

Our subscription pricing model depends on usage. We do not want anyone to pay for more than what’s needed. Although it’s a machine that will work for you, the machine’s capacity to handle your request is crucial.

The critical components which will impact returns and also monthly SaaS fees are as follows. Explained below, but for further clarification, one can contact us.

What will impact my Returns and why in Quant Trading?

Account Type

One has to decide to go for Portfolio Margin Account or Non-Portfolio Margin account. For the Portfolio Margin Account, one will not have to wait for 3-4 days to get back cash after a trades settle. The cash can be used immediately after settlement. That way, money would be in constant circulation. The requirement for the Portfolio Margin Account is 125K. Please validate it. But that does not mean one has to invest 125K. For Example, One can invest only 10K, which will be 8% of portfolio size. One can get interest from unused cash. Please validate how much would be the interest for unused cash. I hope it better than the bank’s offering.  

For Non-Portfolio Margin accounts, one has to wait for 3-4 days for every transaction which settles. That means in 20 trading days in a month; one can trade for five days. But again, during that time, market and individual stock performance would matter. 

One key component for Returns. 

Based on Account Type, one can decide on Pooling Interval needed to execute trades. 


The algorithm would let one have over 200 combinations. And a few combinations would build a strategy. An investor’s goal could be to park money for a long duration, say one year, or for short term say one month or one week. Sometimes it could be on a daily basis. All these will drive the configuration. 

These goals would lead to different outputs in quant trading. And the Return would be different. 

So from a subscription point of view, we have a total of 15 features. It starts from a set of 11 features, 14 features, and 15 features. The strategy or investment style will drive these features. 

How hard you want the machine to work for you? 

In the stock market, things happen very fast. The entire idea of using a machine is not to lose any opportunity from the market. That could be the right time to invest or the right time to exit or milk out profits. There are two components that will impact the machine capacity means RAM and Processing speed. Every client would have a dedicated machine from Amazon (EC2).

1st: List of Stocks: How long would be your list (count). More the count of stocks to monitor more would be the opportunity. 

2nd: Pooling Interval: How often you want the machine to work for you. 


List of 25 Stocks working every 2 hours vs. List of 250 Stocks working every 60-Seconds. The processing speed requirement for later would be few folds high. It’s a component of direct cost to Amazon. 

Return and Subscription Expectation

The returns could be targeted to be within the range from 3% to 65% a year, which would definitely depend on market conditions. Using Quant Trading as emotions does not play any role, but the number of identical occurrences of the market and individual stock in the list would play a vital role in returns and risk. An estimated reverse calculation could be possible. 

The subscription fee would range from $49 to $329 a month per account if someone interested in our Daily Breakouts will have to add anywhere between $100 to $500 a month. Breakouts will reduce the time for research and skills needed. But researched bases breakouts will have the potential for higher returns. Breakouts will be on a separate document for clients to cherry-pick, taking their own responsibility for the outcome.

There will be a combined discount if (1) Order Engine + Breakouts are taken (2) For Subscription fees paid in advance. 

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